Please no fisticuffs presents... the games vault. Some crappy yet fun games designed for people with short attentions spans. You can play anyone of these waste games by clicking on the picture or the link below it.

Dodge the Fisticuffs

Click and drag the logo around the octagon to avoid the punches for as long as you can. Getting hit or touching the side of the cage ends the game. Collect as many flags as you can when they appear to make the fists move in slow motion.

No Kung Fu

Use your keyboard, mouse or tap the screen to Kick (K) or Punch (P) the airborne objects. Make sure you time it correctly or they will fly past.

Desert Trucka

Manoeuvre the truck with the onscreen arrow keys or with your keyboard to complete the course. Avoiding the birds and the pit holes as you go. Pressing up (NOS) at the same time as forward will give you the boost you need to fly through the air.

Biker Maximus

Another motorbike game set on the pier. Tip: Using the acceleration (forward arrow) and NOS (up arrow) at the same time will help you to get over most obstacles.

Winged Monkey

Click, tap or press any button repeatedly to keep Tarquin and the monkey in the air. Get between the ladder and building to gain points. Going off screen will end the game.

Bike London

Press any key, click the mouse or tap the screen repeatedly to pedal the bike up the road avoiding the road works and the cars as you go. Try not to hit the back wall or telephone box to stay in the game. The longer you stay on your bike the more points you earn.

Let Sparks Fly

Move the motorbike through this course to complete the game. Evade the wind and fire to avoid damage.

Wave Maker

Tap, click the mouse or press any key on the keyboard repeatedly to transport the speedboat up the stream, avoiding the pier and the sharks as they attack.