Like most other 80’s babies, I was glued to the TV as a kid and joined the Ninja/Kung Fu craze that developed in the 90’s. Films and games like Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat and Karate Kid lived on my TV screen and fuelled my martial arts obsession. Homemade nun chucks and throwing ninja stars made from coke cans was pretty much the start of it. I became hooked on old Skool Kung Fu films and soon enough put my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aside for Five Deadly Venoms and The Drunken Master. At the age of eight I was awarded my first Kung Fu belt and by sixteen had started fighting in the ring. And as time passed, my fighting styles evolved from Kung Fu, to Muay Thai, to Kickboxing. Failing to become a full time Ninja.…I turned to my other main love in life....doodling. And as often as I could I would combine art with combat…Turns out they pretty much go hand in hand. I’ve spent most of my life creating graphics, dabbling in everything from virtual 3D modelling to spray painting. Screen printing has been the hardest mistress I’ve ever had to master. Using my degree in graphics I have produced these classic to wacked out crazy designs for you to feast upon.

Bringing me to the brand...

Originally, Pleasenofisticuffs started out as an idea I had for a MMA (mixed martial arts) clothing line, flipping the perception of how you become a champion and what it is to be a champion. I had fights in and out of the ring, and came to realise "the best victory is when the opponent surrenders on their own accord before there are any actual hostilities" (Quote from Sun Tzu- The Art of War).

This idea evolved to represent the everyday warrior smiling at the face of defeat. If you want to overcome an opponent don’t engage in fisticuffs, wave the white flag and find another way.

The flag symbolises the submission and the strength you show. While the top hat represents the class you display.

The Ink

Unlike 99% of screen printers we chose to use a water based ink (involving advanced polymer technology) instead of Plastisol. Plastisol t-shirts are usually shiny, feel like plastic and over time peel away. Our water based inks penetrate through to the fabric giving the image a softer feel and more organic look. Not to mention they are 100% solvent free.
Now you’re wondering why don’t most screen printers use water based ink if it’s so good???? Well…. It’s harder to control when screen printing due to its watery density, and also because the ink dries in the screen quicker. Another point to mention about my inks is the characteristic of the white on black t-shirts. While perfecting our screen printing process we learnt how to generate a unique effect using the white. From afar the image appears to be matte white but up close it has a slightly transparent white brushed metal texture.

Limited Edition

From time to time there will be special limited edition t-shirts available to purchase. None of this “2,000 made” rubbish….. These are limited to 35…….That’s right 35 t-shirts!!! Numbered on the back for everyone to see how truly awesome you actually are.… Once they are sold out a voodoo man couldn’t bring them back……and I better not see them on ebay……Joke. Do what you want with it. Ideally frame it…Maybe on a wall?

Tagless Neck Label

We have never been a fan of the labels sewn into the back of t-shirts, mainly because they irritate the hell out of your neck and hang around the collar like they’re waiting for a bus. For these reasons we remained tagless with our t-shirts and decided to screen print the instructions within a slick club design.

The Origami Tag

If all else hasn’t convinced you of the originality, then the tag will. The one object that can never be mass produced. Handcrafted…. each one of these tags was designed, printed, folded then flattened by hand to give you a tag worth keeping.

Tarquin Stackston

The guy in the logo?....We like to think Tarquin Stackston is a combination of Sherlock Holmes mixed with a little bit of James Bond. His attire consists of a top hat, black suit and cravat. His moustache is curved to perfection, and he holds a white flag in his spotless white gloves. Based in the Victorian era when one doth speak like thus. He is skilled in the English self-defence style of the time called “Bartitsu”. This was basically martial arts for the educated gentleman. With techniques that can involve using the walking stick or jacket blazer as a weapon. He is the poster boy for the Pleasenofisticuffs brand.